95 Healthy Pancake Recipes – FREE

Here they are – just in time for Easter! 95 Healthy Pancake Recipes! Can you believe it?

Why pancakes? Well, I was sitting in a dentist’s office earlier this week getting my teeth cleaned. Okay, too much information, I know. And, while very sharp instruments were being used in my mouth, Sylvia, the hygienist, asked me if I had any healthy pancake recipes. So, I mumbled through the tools that I did, and she understood the strange sounds I was making!

“I tried to make some healthy pancakes for my kids and it was a disaster,” she told me.

“Sure, I know I have some. Some of the recipes call for almond flour or oats; do you know where to get almond flour?”

“No problem. I’ll find it.”

While I had a few pancake recipes, I found several others and have put together 95 of the best healthy pancake recipes in the world. You know, they look really, really good. Just be very careful and watch your portion control; just because a stack of pancakes shows four or six of them, you don’t have to have that many. And, be stingy with syrup – that stuff is sweeter than sugar. So, with just a little thought, you can enjoy any of these pancakes.

Go ahead and download 95 Healthy Pancake Recipes. It’s free. No stings attached. Nothing to do, but to click on download. How easy is that?

And, if you like them, let me know so I can thank Sylvia for you.


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