Month of Meals Diet Guide


“What’s okay in my diet?”

“What can I eat?”

Those are the first questions people ask when they are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, or, when they decide it’s time to lose weight. At least, if you are anything like me those are the first questions you ask. And, I tried to find answers; I really did, but only found frustration.

I remember the frustration I felt when I started to try and control my Diabetes and lose weight. I spent hours in the book store and online only to find charts and information about:

  • Sugar (bad for you)
  • Fats (some good and some bad as of this moment)
  • Vegetables (most of them are good for you if raw and fresh)
  • Fruit (in somewhat limited amounts due to the sugar most contain)
  • Protein – limit it, but it’s needed in our diet
  • Whole grains – read the label and make sure it’s really whole grain and limit the amount
  • Dairy – limit it and try to like non-fat milk

That’s what I learned in a nutshell, but I didn’t find anything that just plain told me what to eat; to get me started on the road to controlling my Type 2 Diabetes and to lose weight. To remedy that and get you started, I kept a food journal for a recent 30-day period. It’s a Month of Meals and Snacks (MOMS) for me. This food journal is my diet; it’s what I eat to control my Type 2 Diabetes and to lose a small amount of weight. Remember, I control Diabetes through diet and exercise only – no meds – so what I eat is extremely important. My only other tool is moderate exercise, which for me is walking two miles in 30-minutes five or six times per week.

If you are prescribed meds, take them as directed.

It’s Your Diet

A diet is nothing more than what you eat. Some diets are very restrictive and seem to be a punishment. Some diets emphasize one item or a small group of items. Your diet is what you are going to be eating for the rest of your life, so does it make sense to not enjoy it? Of course, not. You have to like your diet, the food you eat, if there’s going to be any chance for success, and all I am providing here is a starting point. Your glucose meter or scale is going to be your best guide to what you can eat, and you can make adjustments. Just one rule: you have to like the food.

If your glucose meter or scale show declining numbers, then you are moving in the right direction. Celebrate when you see the numbers get lower.

The Month of Meals and Snacks is what I eat, and it can be a place for you to start to control your Type 2 Diabetes and to lose weight. All of the food is readily available in your grocery store – nothing is a special order item. When I was losing weight, and I’ve lost 70 pounds, I ate about 30 fewer carbs a day – most of the time it came out of the snacks; I just reduced them.

Remember, this is only a starting point. We all process food differently, so in car-speak, your mileage may vary. If you are a woman, you may want to reduce the number of carbs.

Big Diet Lessons

I learned some big diet lessons early. These are lessons that not a lot of folks will share – unless you buy something. And, here the War On Diabetes is just giving them away!

  • Save your beverage like water, flavored water, iced tea, etc. to the end of your meal and drink it then. It will give you that feeling of being full which most diets deny you.
  • Another Big Learning was to always eat. Eat at the meals and make sure to get all of the snacks; all of them. By doing that you will not feel as though you are ‘starving’ when you are faced with a bit smaller meal.
  • And, stop eating before you feel full. It takes about ten minutes for your stomach to communicate with your brain, give them a chance to talk. Meanwhile, your beverage can fill-in the empty spaces.

Download the Month of Meals and Snacks and get started today!

You can do it. You can control your Type 2 Diabetes. You can lose weight. All it takes is the right diet, what you eat; some regular moderate exercise and it’s okay if you begin slow – just build on it; and, taking your meds as prescribed, if they are prescribed.

I can’t wait to hear about your success story!