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    1. Beth,

      I read your comment a few hours ago and have been thinking about it. Exercise would qualify as a drug in that it either changes or enhances body chemistry. Watch for a post soon on the topic. Great, great suggestion and wonderful thinking out of the box.


      1. You could also list diet, but those are not “drugs”, to the contrary exercise is not supposed to change body chemistry or enhance, hence the reason medications have side effects is because they are “designed to alter or change chemistry”, whereas exercise does not beyond maybe muscle sores and tiredness that usually go away unless you exercised the wrong way or got an injury.

      2. Kris,

        Thank you for taking time to comment – we truly appreciate it. You will find throughout the blog and website that diet is one of the three weapons that a person with Diabetes must use to fight their war successfully. It’s not mentioned here because the pharmacist is addressing specific drugs that people have questions about. This section on Medications is just one small part of the overall blog and website.

        And, while diet is not a ‘drug’ it is one of the three weapons to be used. The right diet, which for me is a lower carb diet, helps to reduce weight and reduce overall carb intake which means less glucose. And, if there is less glucose that means the exercise becomes more effective. Diet and Exercise are must do’s for anyone working to control Diabetes. There is no substitute for them.

        So, while Diet and Exercise are not drugs, they make any medication taken even more effective which means either a lower dose can be taken, or one can actually stop taking meds and control their Diabetes. This step should only be done in consultation with their doctor. It was my doctor who pushed me off of meds because my A1c was low enough to do so.

        The three weapons all diabetics should be using? Diet, Exercise and Meds. Each one has a role to play in a person’s War On Diabetes.

        Thank you, again, for taking time to comment.


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