New Diabetes Food Journal!

We are working to make your War On Diabetes easier everyday.  We went back and looked at the original Diabetes Food Journal. While it will work for some, and it does have the convenience of showing seven days at one time, it might not work for everyone. So, now there’s a choice! Introducing…

The New Diabetes Food Journal

It’s bigger and you will find it easier to use.  We have added new areas for listing carbs or calories so you can keep track. Also, now to this form is the ability to maintain a journal or diary…or use the area to express yourself in any way you want. You are creating The Best Diet Book Ever Written, after all.

Of course we are maintaining the original Food Log Plus that shows your meals and snacks for seven days.  If you like it, use it!

Food Journal Plus

Download the both.  Print them.  Use them.  This will become your Ultimate Diabetes Book because by using it you will find what works for you – and what doesn’t. You can:

  1. Keep a Food Journal
  2. Remember Your Meds
  3. List Your Glucose Readings
  4. Remember to Exercise
  5. List Your Weight
  6. Know at A Glance How You Are Doing

This is a great tool that really helped me to manage and control diabetes.  I know it can help you, too.

You can win your War On Diabetes!

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