This site was started as a blog a few years ago to offer you hope, encouragement and education as you fight to control Type 2 Diabetes.  Make no mistake, it is a fight – perhaps the fight of your life!  Diabetes is a slow and powerful foe destroying organs and lives if left alone.  But, we aren’t going to do that, are we?  We want to help you fight the disease…for you to know you are not alone and you can control it; manage it and be victorious.

Phil Ruggiero – In 2008 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I was frightened to say the least. My A1c was 13.0 and I was 70 pounds overweight. About 17 months later my A1c was 5.8 and I had lost the 70 pounds. I went from being scared to controlling the disease.  I am not a doctor or health professional.  I am just like you; a person who is working everyday to control Type 2 Diabetes.  My goal is to offer education, encouragement and hope because I know you can control your Diabetes.

Katherine King – Let me introduce you to Katherine – America’s Diabetes Pharmacist. Yes, that’s a bit tongue in cheek, but everyday more and more people are turning to her wonderful explanations about the main medications used to treat Diabetes.  Katherine is a licensed pharmacist who manages the pharmacy department in a large retail location. This means she knows your questions and concerns because many of her patients are – you guessed it – Type 2 Diabetics.   While you have your own pharmacist to talk with, you have also become a virtual patient of hers; she takes your success in fighting Diabetes very seriously.

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    1. Pete,

      I am not ignoring this at all. I am more than intrigued and have asked Katherine to take a look at the drug and do a bit of research. There will be a post about it.

      With so many problems stemming from Diabetes – and the cost of amputations ($70,000) plus the frequency (65%) – of the numbers in the article are correct. would make the introduction of this drug a no brainer. Money saved. Lives saved. It would seem that there would be some drug company all over this one. But, the more I understand about Big Pharma, the less I am impressed with their dedication to the patient…unless that patient comes with a whole bunch (a very technical specific number) of cash in their hand.

      Anyway, watch for the post in the next few days.


    1. Pete,

      What a great story. I will be reposting tomorrow with a “this does not have to happen to you” message. You know, I wear glasses and could never handle contacts on my eyes. The thought of any eye surgery sends chills up my spine!


  1. I am taking farxiga to control my diabetes. I am scare every time I put the pill in my mouth, the side effects of this pill are scary. Does anyone knows more about this drug?

    1. Unfortunately, any medicine will have some scary side effects. While I don’t take farxiga, I do know people who do and it has made great improvement in their glucose control and we know that by controlling your glucose you limit your risk for serious complications from uncontrolled diabetes. Hopefully it works well for you and I would be interested in reading how it has worked for you.

      1. Steve,

        You are so right about the side-effects of just about every medicine. Farxiga is so new, I’m not sure that all of the side-effects are known, but what we do know is that it can be very effective in controlling glucose. While the side-effects might only be felt by 2% to 4% of those taking it, the complications from Diabetes are a sure thing. And, for some, Farxiga will be a temporary step to get glucose under control while diet and exercise changes are being made – I hope.

        I, too, hope Sandy will get back to us, or someone else who is taking the med to let us know how it’s working for them. My doctor is telling me of some great progress being made by his patients who are taking Invokana, which is a very similar med.

        Thank you for taking the time to comment.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  2. Phil, thanks for the re-blog, and for ‘visiting’ me in England. Good work with this Diabetes Help blog, and interesting too, keep going. This is the disease of the next generation, and is becoming rampant in the U.K.- Best wishes- Pete.

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