Diabetes News, Views and Announcements – 5/30/14

Diabetes News

This is the end of May. Can you believe that? And, it’s Friday! You know what that means. Like always, there’s a lot to cover!


This is a big announcement for the War On Diabetes. We have been living in the virtual world for about 18 months; it’s time to start to take the War out to folks.

But, where to do it? What to do? How to get out? Well, you go where people are, right? So, we decided to start by going to 5 and 10K runs and set up information tables. Yes, we know the runners are exercising, but here in Southern California there are always spectators and supporters – lots of them who can be reached.

So, we are going to be at the Wrigley River Run on Saturday June 7th – our first outing! We have another scheduled for late July; we will be letting you know more about it as it gets closer and as we add events.

Diabetes News

Funky Side Effects of Diabetes Meds This week Wil’s sharing his thoughts on some, er… funky side effects of diabetes medications. Are they real, rare or just figments of our D-imagination? Here’s what Wil thinks…” Okay, there are well known side effects of some meds, and then there are the lesser known. This week Wil is looking at metformin – sometimes it’s not all in your imagination!

New Nutrition Recommendations for Diabetics  “…last October, new nutrition recommendations for adults with diabetes were issued by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Medical standards of care are issued every year by ADA, but nutrition guidelines only change every few years or so.”  If you have your Diabetes under control, you may not want to do anything regarding these new guidelines. However, if you are beginning your fight, it gives you a place to start. Just a reminder: what works for one person, may not work for another: Your Mileage May Vary. The best guide is to use a food journal to guide you in your eating decisions. And, funny enough, I just happen to have one right here!

5 Diet Moves That Could Reduce Diabetes Risk  “Eating the right foods for blood sugar balance is key for diabetics, but what about people who are at high risk for the disease or have pre-diabetes?”  Reduce glucose intake and you reduce glucose in your blood. That is not brain surgery. But, it’s nice to be reminded about the great foods there are to eat that will reduce the risk of getting Diabetes, or if you have declared War on Prediabetes. Heck, even if you have Diabetes, you might try some of these foods.

HIT – High Intensity Training for Two Minutes Can Have A Positive Impact  “Researchers from Abertay University report that high-intensity training (HIT) not only reduces the risk of disease, but is also just as effective at doing so as the exercise guidelines currently recommended….”  Common guidelines are to have some form of activity or exercise 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Researchers have found that HIT can have a positive impact in as little as two minutes a day.  A very interesting article.

Diet Soda Better Than Water for Weight Loss?  Answering the question of whether diet soda helps or hinders dieters’ efforts to lose weight has been the focus of much research. And buzz.”  I was going to write about this research next week, but am including it here. We find it hard to believe that diet soda is better than water in anyway, shape or form. Think about it. Do you really want to put all of the chemicals in Diet Soda in your body, or would you prefer just good ol’ water? We know what we choose…excuse me while I get a drink of water.

It’s Never the Wrong Time To Lose A Little Weight  Weight loss at any age in adulthood is worthwhile because it could yield long-term heart and vascular benefits, suggests new research published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.” This study shows that losing weight, even if you gain it back, can be beneficial. We think it’s better if you can lose it for good. Who wants to find lost weight, again? But, it is an interesting study published in a very reputable journal. Well worth reading.

There’s more – as there always is – and it can be found here and here.

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