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Here it is, again.  Friday.  It happens every week, but they come so fast!

I can hear you now, “But, wait, what’s that Announcements thing?” So glad you asked.

Big Announcement: The War On Diabetes is looking for Heroes.  Yep, we are looking for those folks who are fighting and controlling their Diabetes.  That’s the only requirement to be a Hero for the War, but it’s a big requirement.  If you look at the website, you will see a new navigation button labeled “Heroes,” but the page is blank.  Why?

Diabetes is a lonely disease.  You can’t tell who is a Diabetic; it’s not like we wear a medal, t-shirt (those might be coming one day). or look any different from non-diabetics.  Some want to keep it private, and we understand that. Some are embarrassed; you shouldn’t be – you did not give yourself Diabetes.

It’s important that folks know Diabetes can be controlled; that controlling it with or without meds is done by normal folks every single day.  It’s important for others to see them.  So, we are asking that you send in your picture and we will post it under Heroes.  Just a picture of yourself. You can be an inspiration to others; you can be a Hero to others. Folks need to see that it can be done and that many are doing it every day.

So, please send your picture, or picture you want posted to us at Heroes. We will post them in groups of 50. So, when we receive the first 50 pictures, they will get posted all at once. Then the next 50, etc. Others need to know it can be controlled; they need to put faces to the War.  Please, help others in the fight. If you want to, we will include your first name under the picture, if not, each picture will be labeled ‘Hero.’

Again, please send your pictures to Heroes.  We’d love to have hundreds and thousands of pictures posted of folks who are winning their War. After all, there are only about 26,000,000 diabetics in the United States; and only about 382,000,000 in the world. I know millions are controlling the disease today.

By the way, one of the regular readers, Pete, inspired this idea.  Thank you, Pete.

Now, to the News & Views.

Research Examines Damage to Hand Function in Type 2s  “Damage to hands is not commonly associated with type 2diabetes. We tend to think of the harm the disease does to feet and legs. But new research from the University of Houston Department of Health and Human Performance found impairments in dexterity and sensory function in the hands of type 2 diabetes patients. The study marks the first time such results have been documented in that population.”  Not just fee, but hands.  This is just another reason to fight and control Diabetes.  All extremities are at risk. Interesting read and the first study ever done on the topic.

Adding Vildagliptin to Metformin for Type 2’s  “Approximately 7 million people in Japan have type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Vildagliptin, a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor, is currently not FDA approved; it is used in many other countries, such as Japan, India and Europe, as a dual oral agent with metformin or thiazolidinediones.”  We need to be able to use all of the med weapons available.  Perhaps we can prevail on Katherine to write about this one.  The study seems to show that it decreases HbA1c (A1c) levels conclusively.

FDA Wants YOUR Opinion on Glucose Meter & Test Strip Accuracy “…this is the first time in more than a decade that the regulatory agency’s updated these rules on accuracy, and it’s the first time in history the FDA’s made a concerted effort to engage with our diabetes patient community via interviews, guest appearances and web chats, to actively seek our input. And we may not get another chance, so let’s not let it slip!”  We know that our meters are not very accurate and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) seems as though they are getting ready to do something about it.  And, they want your opinion.  Please take time to let them know what you think.

How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer  “Having unhealthy cholesterol numbers, elevated blood pressure or an expanding waistline substantially increases your chances of developing heart disease. But an encouraging new study finds that exercise may slash that risk, even if your other risk factors stay high.” This is important for everyone – not just diabetics.  But, exercise carries extra benefits for fighting the disease…like I never said that before.

Hypertension and Diabetes: Evil Twins  “How is your blood pressure? Studies show that high blood pressure (also known as hypertension or HTN) can cause and worsen many diabetes complications. So what makes blood pressure go up, and how can you get it down?”  Blood pressure problems can strike anyone, not just diabetics.  but, it can contribute to complications from the disease.  Another reason to lose a little weight, exercise a bit and keep Diabetes in control.

Again, send in your picture to be included on our Heroes page to Heroes.

More news can be found here.

As always, thank you for reading.

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  1. Good articles and advice as usual Phil. The new category of Heroes sounds good too. I get to see that ‘group photo’ after all!
    Many years ago, a female friend had a T-shirt emblazoned ‘No Sugar Thanks- I’m Sweet Enough’. She was not Diabetic, and this referred to the English habit of constant tea drinking, with everyone always asked, ‘Do you take sugar?’ She would point at the T-shirt when asked (if she was wearing it of course). It occurred to me that this would be a good logo, especially for female sufferers.
    Regards from England, and have a good weekend. Pete.

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