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We received a follow-up comment from “Gary” today on the Farxiga post.  In an earlier comment he was asking where he could get the med.  In replying to him, I let him know Katherine, our pharmacist, suggested using a savings card and provided a link which you will find below.

Well, he filled the prescription. “Oh…and without insurance, at Giant Eagle, the price is $368 for a 30 day supply. I paid $15 with the online savings card.” $15! Wow!  So, Katherine and I thought it would be a good thing to update the list of savings cards we provided links for over a year ago.  Big savings to be had…BIG!

Before we go any further, I am asking that you share this post with just about anyone who can benefit from it.  I have never asked that before, but the savings folks can get from using manufacturer’s savings cards are huge.

So, here’s a list of websites for obtaining coupons or discounts for type 2 diabetes medications.  There are so many coupons out there, but we have chosen to publish only ones that we found through the actual drug manufacturers.  This way we can be sure that the links we provide to you are only for legitimate coupons that your pharmacy is more likely to honor (there are some out there which cost the pharmacy money and cannot be easily reimbursed and are therefore not accepted everywhere, so we’ll stay away from those).  Remember, each program might have some restrictions (you can’t be on Medicaid or Medicare for some coupons, some only provide the first month of treatment, etc) so be sure to read into these.

We should let you know that we DO NOT receive any compensation or “perks” from any of the manufacturers for referencing these discount programs and coupons on our blog.  No drug ads here.  These are merely here for your benefit and because we want to see you thriving with diabetes. We want to hear about your victory and control over Diabetes; to hear you have won the War on Diabetes.

Avandia/Avandaryl/Avandamet: Bridges to Access

Bydureon: MySavingsRx Program

Byetta: MySavingsRx Program

Farxiga: Farxiga SavingsRx

Humalog: Humalog Free Trial Voucher

Invokana: Invokana CarePath

Janumet: Special Offers from Merck

Januvia: Special Offers from Merck

Kombiglyze: MySavingsRx Program

Lantus Solostar: Lantus Savings Program

Levemir: Cornerstones4Care ; Novo Nordodisk Diabetes Patient Assistance Program

Novolog: Cornerstones4CareNovo Nordodisk Diabetes Patient Assistance Program

Onglyza: MySavingsRx Program

Symlin: MySavingsRx Program

Victoza: Victoza Instant Savings Card ProgramNovo Nordodisk Diabetes Patient Assistance Program

A few quick notes, some of these programs ask for personal information such as address, email, and telephone number.  Generally this is because they will send you information about diabetes and give you support hotlines, website access, and sometimes free things like food journals.  Activating your savings card is not always necessary, but it can lead to more savings – for instance the Cornerstones4Care program will give you a free box of needles when you activate, so make sure to take the two minutes to call the number and activate your card.

If we’ve missed a medication that you’d like us to add, please let us know by email or comment. We’ve focused on the brand name medications here, because most generics don’t have manufacturer’s coupons, but if you would like to know about any specific generics, we can look into them for you.  This is not an all-inclusive list – check with your local pharmacy to see if they have any coupons on hand.  Many times drug reps like to leave coupons for their products and they are more than happy to provide them to patients.

Keep fighting to win your War On Diabetes.

As always, thank you for reading.

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  1. Good offer for US residents Phil. Luckily, meds are provided free in the UK, if you are over 60, or have a listed illness, such as Diabetes. (At least for the moment)
    Regards from England, Pete.

    • Pete,

      I certainly hope they remain free or at least very, very, very reasonable. The price of some meds is amazing to me.

      How’s the weather in Beetley? Is Spring showing?

      Thanks, Phil

      • 17 degrees C and humid Phil. First time of wearing shorts in 2014 today! I won’t be going back to trousers until October, hopefully!
        Best wishes, Pete.

      • Pete, Okay, if I found the right table, 17 C is about 63 F…a bit cool for this Southern CA boy to put his shorts on. But, I get it’s warmer there, now. Enjoy the weather!

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