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You know if the title is News & Views it must be Friday!  Where did the week go?  There is so much going on that I really have to get to it.

Nobelist James Watson proposes an unconventional view of type 2 diabetes causation  “At 85, Nobel laureate James D. Watson, the co-discoverer of the double-helix structure of DNA, continues to advance intriguing scientific ideas. His latest, a hypothesis on the causation of type 2 diabetes, is to appear 7 pm Thursday US time in the online pages of The Lancet, the prestigious British medical journal.”  Here’s the co-discoverer of the DNA Double Helix having a theory about the cause of Type 2 Diabetes.  Think he might know a thing or two.  Spoiler alert …Spoiler alert: He thinks it has something to do with exercise!  Imagine that.  But, he has some wonderful science behind it.  This is a great one to lead off with, huh?

Nutrition labels getting a makeover  “The Food and Drug Administration is proposing several changes to the nutrition labels you see on packaged foods and beverages. If approved, the new labels would place a bigger emphasis on total calories, added sugars and certain nutrients, such as Vitamin D and potassium.” Some big changes including real portion sizes – the kind people really eat.  But, I have to tell you that the portion sizes indicated on most packaging aren’t bad.  I really believe that those portion sizes helped me to lose weight and control my Diabetes…just a comment from me. I hope they display the carb count as prominently as the calorie count. (This was sent out to Twitter followers yesterday – when the news was published.).

Abbott recalls Freestyle Strips and Meters  “Many of you have already heard about the double product recalls issued by Abbott Diabetes Care about 48 hours ago.”  If you are using Freestyle meters and strips use the link to find out what you need to do.

Understanding insulin sticker shock  “Mary Clark, a realtor in Cincinnati, has grown accustomed recently to being the center of attention at the pharmacy. An independent contractor, Clark has had trouble finding affordable health insurance that covers the costs of the insulin she needs to control her Type 1 diabetes. Since 2012, she’s noticed the price she must pay out-of-pocket has increased steeply; it’s been a big enough leap that even the pharmacists pause in their work when filling her order. “Everyone was just stunned and they would just stand and stare at me,” Clark says.”  Thirty percent of Type 2’s use insulin – did you know that?  The cost of insulin can effect how they fight their War On Diabetes.

10 Strategies for Fat Loss and Healthy Eating on a Budget “”I work two jobs and raise three kids pretty much by myself,” she began. “My husband is unemployed, but he spends most days looking for work. I come home most days after 6 p.m. drained. How can you expect me to not only get a healthy meal on the table every night, but also buy these expensive foods?””

Getting a Foot Up On Diabetes Care  “Check your feet.”…How many times have we heard it? Many times, however, that’s all we’re told: Check your feet….What am I looking for? What do I do if I find it?!…And, come to think of it, why am I checking my feet?”  Caring for your feet is incredibly important.  If you are doing self-checks, knowing what to look for is just as important as looking at them.

You know, feet must have been on the brain this week.  There was another article from the Wall Street Journal on the same topic.

Weekly Type 2 Drug to Be Delivered Via Needle Patch  “A recent agreement between Zosano Pharma, Inc. and Novo Nordisk could lead to the introduction of a once-weekly drug for type 2s that is administered via a micro-needle patch system.”   It’s still a few years away, but research continues to help us control Type 2 Diabetes.

There is so much more that you can see here.

What do you think about the inclusion of videos?  Please let me know.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing.

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